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PND Poem

During my second pregnancy I felt so low, I really struggled with how to explain how I was feeling. I found myself one day doodling and jotting a few things down, from this I wrote a brief poem. I used it to show my husband to try and help him see how I was feeling. I recently came across it again and I thought I would share it with you all.

A life changing moment
For a husband and wife
A beautiful child
The start of our lives

Yet over the days
my worries they grow
I feel so deflated,
So down and so low

I can’t shift my mood
I can’t leave my home
For the fear of something happening
To my child it has grown

Feelings of despair
Creeping over me
Reassurance is needed
Why does nobody see?

I Feel lost, useless, scared
My Mind is full of doubt
Surrounded by darkness
I can’t find my way out

Everyone continues their lives
As I’m standing still
Not noticing I need them
That I’m feeling ill

Moments of joy
Yet I feel only pain
Will I ever feel normal,
My old self again?

Such love for my children
my life truly blessed
Yet I can’t help but feel
My mind is a mess

A few only know
This battle I’m in
Trying to explain how I feel
Where to begin?

My husband he helps
And tries to understand
Yet all he can do
Is just hold my hand

But postnatal depression
Will not determine my days
I’m taking back control
I won’t live in a daze

And This fight I will win
My children will see
A mum they are proud of
Full of happiness and glee 💗

Sarah 🙂

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