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Inspiring Mums Monday

I have a new feature that I launched on my Facebook page this week. ‘Inspiring Mums Monday’
The aim is for mums to share their stories, quotes or messages to help other mums during their recovery. I want to show others that they aren’t alone while going through a perinatal mental illness, that their voices matter and they will get better.

I’ve already shared my first story and it seems like this will really help others. I also have had a few mums contact me with their stories so I can share them too.


I always found it helpful to read others stories and I would search for positive stories just because it gave me hope that I could get better. I wanted to put these all in one place so mums have somewhere they can read recovery stories, positive messages in the hopes that it will give them comfort.

If you would like to share your inspiring quote, story, or message please email me at you can remain anonymous if you wish, if not include your name, and any other info you don’t mind being mentioned such as age or country you live. If you share a quote please state who you are quoting too ☺️ if you wish to include an image then that’s great too. Whatever you’re happy to share.

You can visit my Facebook page here and read all the inspiring stories – I have started to put together an album on the page to have all the stories in one place. Each Monday I will add a new mums story, and I look forward to seeing how this feature progresses.

Sarah xx


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