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The Embarrassing Symptoms of Anxiety…

Many people are aware of the symptoms of anxiety, but some can cause more embarrassment and worry, trapping sufferers in a cycle of fear.

Mental illness affects people in a variety of ways, and many symptoms can manifest physically. These include:-

– Shortness of breath
– Feeling nauseous
– Increased heartrate
– Palpitations
– Shaking
– Feeling ‘Butterflies’
– Headaches
-Dry mouth
-Feeling Dizzy
I hear these a lot, but there are some which I also hear regularly and struggled with myself, which are more ’embarrassing’, such as,

– Hot Flushes & sweating
– Developing Red patches over arms, neck and blushing
– Being physically sick
– Needing to use the toilet more often, and with urgency

These are the symptoms which can cause a huge amount of suffering, which trap those struggling in a cycle of anxiety, physical signs and then the fear of the symptom.

I experienced this with the urgent need for the toilet. Being an IBS sufferer, my anxiety manifested itself with my digestive system and caused me a great deal of stress.
I wouldn’t leave my house, and part of the reason was my fear IMG_9267of urgently needing the toilet and not being able to get to one. If I had to go somewhere I would research if there were toilets and where they were. Something I’d never even worried about before.

Nowadays I still double check where toilets are, maybe it’s habit, and I sometimes feel anxious about feeling trapped, but it doesn’t stop me from going out anymore. Therapy played a huge part in my progress, and I really urge those out there struggling to seek help. I would spend lots of time looking for stories of others who might be feeling how I did, and if they ever over came it. I’m here to share mine and say yes you can. I never thought I’d be able to do the school run, go to school events, holidays, weddings but I do – and you will too.

These symptoms are rarely spoken about, because lets face it, they can be embarrassing. Being caught out needing the toilet, being sick, blushing and overly sweating, they can be horrible to experience, especially if you’re out in public, but you can learn to control the anxiety and as a result of that the physical symptoms.

Also, don’t feel alone, I hear about these symptoms a lot and I’ve met many people who have struggled with them, it can feel hugely isolating. If you had met me when I was struggling, you wouldn’t have guessed, and there will be others who are also silently struggling. Reach out and speak to a health care professional, they can advise you of help, local to you.

For more information about Anxiety you can contact


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