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Sharing my journey & the things we love! Blog Update!

I’ve posted a couple of times that I will be expanding the blog a bit more this year. When I developed PND and anxiety I lost a huge sense of who I was. I think many parents do when they have their baby, but it can be magnified when you’re battling anxiety and 67F436A2-FFCB-4B8C-ABB4-696EDB4018AEdepression. I gave up all my hobbies, nothing really gave me any joy, and I didn’t know who I was anymore.
Over the past few years I’ve recovered from my illness, discovered a passion for helping others and raising awareness for mental health. But there’s many other things I’m also enjoying, new things I’m trying and old hobbies I’m picking back up. So I decided I wanted to share my journey, the things I enjoy, and the challenges I’m taking on since recovering.
I enjoy blogging, I enjoy the creative outlet and connecting with others and so this felt like a natural progression for me and the blog. I hope you enjoy the things I will be sharing, such as recipes (both healthy and treats!), beauty, holistic wellbeing, travel and family. And of course I will be continuing to share lots of mental F581E7B5-1247-4CFF-ABAE-4EBC7DA2667Ahealth posts too. Maybe it will help you discover something you love, or just inspire you to try new things. Maybe the blog will help you feel less alone while battling a mental illness or give you hope that there is life after PND. I will always take the approach to create an uplifting, positive and inspiring space, being aware of our mental wellbeing within each thing I share.

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