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8 Tips For Creating A Relaxing & Positive Environment

Our environment can have an impact on how we feel. Think about the weather, when it’s sunny out, our mood can instantly lift. Clinical depression and other mood disorders need professional treatment, so just changing a few things around us won’t cure this. But while we are recovering, and to keep us feeling good day to day, it can really help to have a relaxing space just for you.

Flower Power

I love fresh flowers, they’re bright and smell lovely which helps lift13D0883E-F51F-4B8D-BC4C-57FE15905DCE my mood. It can feel nice to treat yourself, and often in supermarkets you can grab seasonal flowers for as little as a £1 a bunch. You can also grow your own in your garden or window box, it’s a mindful, calm activity which you can do, or you could even do it with your children. 


I love feeling comfy and cosy! It can create a really welcoming, relaxing space, whether it be on your sofa or your bed. Lots of B64A5095-9245-4FF0-9B23-4786F05B4F85different sizes and textures create a luxurious look. It’s great to have a comfy space to relax when the kids are finally in bed!


Smells have a huge effect on some people, including me. I love using wax melts, reed diffusers, candles and air fresheners. When I clean I use certain scents for different times of year, even in my 60E85BF2-AEB5-47DF-8340-EF5DBAABB9C4laundry I use certain scents. Christmas I use lots of spiced apples and cinnamon, fresh clean linens and florals throughout the spring, sometimes tropical scents for summer and vanillas for autumn. I may sound slightly bonkers but smells stir memories, and emotions for me. When I want to relax I’ll pick something soothing like lavender, it’s great for calming stress, and headaches. Whichever smells you enjoy, try to fill your home with them. 

Clear the Clutter

This is a totally individual preference, some people aren’t bothered by clutter others are. I personally don’t like too much clutter in my home, and since having children I have clutter everywhere! It’s never ending, and it can be frustrating, but once I’m on top of it, it’s fairly easy to keep the clutter at bay. I 7521B6B4-44B0-4C8F-9516-9963BECE0156personally like clear, open, space and having too much “stuff” out can add to the feelings of stress for me. I feel like I just have more tidying to do (which I hate) so I like to try to keep things organised and tidy. This is especially true for my bedroom, I like to keep it fairly tidy so last thing at night & first thing in the morning I’m not greeted with mess. Clear space helps me keep a clear mind. 

Positive Messages & Reminders

Hang inspiring artwork, quotes or photos around your home. I have things pinned on notice boards, around my computer, on my fridge and photos of happy memories around my home. It’s nice to have little reminders to keep us positive and happy, whether is

Artwork by Sarah Travis Art

pictures, ornaments, crystals, candles surround yourself with these.

Anything with a negative association put it away somewhere or get rid of it completely. 

Calm Colours & Light Spaces

Choose colours around your home that you love. There’s lots of info out there about the psychology of colour and the affect it has on our moods. It’s widely accepted that light colours reflect a calm, balanced environment. Many of the rooms in my home are decorated to enhance the light, and create a peaceful, welcoming 616EA807-573D-4981-94B6-474DA911F573.jpegspace. My bedroom is white, grey and silver, it’s my sanctuary and feels very calming. My sons bedroom however is fairly dark, it’s grey, blue, red and white which fits the superhero / USA theme he wanted, its cosy without being too cold, he absolutely loves it – so if you prefer a bolder colour then go for it. Whatever makes you feel good. 

No Technology At Bedtime

Ok I use to be terrible for this one. We have a TV in our bedroom which we will often watch after the kids have gone to bed, I also have my phone by my bed. I use to grab for my phone as soon as I woke, even in the night at 2am. Screen time can affect our body B590E7F0-82D0-461E-BF99-673EB28D50AFclock, it can cause us to stay awake longer, and have more difficulty getting to sleep, this can then cause us to feel exhausted. Good sleep is essential to everyone, but especially if you’re struggling with your mental health. Sleep deprivation can exacerbate symptoms so try to limit screen time, especially in the hour leading up to sleep. 

Music / Sound

Music can have a real impact on people emotionally, and mentally. I love music and I love putting my headphones in and listening to my favourite songs. If you have certain music which helps you 1BDE9F97-8C7F-4B0A-B20F-BAC32B6ABE49relax or feel happy, listen to that, maybe you prefer the sound of waves, rain, meditation music or total silence! Whatever helps you relax, or feel good, listen to that. 

These are just a few tips in creating a relaxing, calm and positive environment. It’s really important that you do things which you enjoy and that help you. Everyone is different and what some like others won’t. 

Do you have any other tips in creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home? Feel free to share them below! 



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