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The Lonely Side Of Parenting

When you think of people who may be lonely, parents aren't probably the first who come to mind, but many are struggling with loneliness and isolation. I always imagined when I had children I would be out at baby groups, meeting new mummy friends at cafes and living a sociable, fun life. My reality couldn't… Continue reading The Lonely Side Of Parenting

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The Embarrassing Symptoms of Anxiety…

Many people are aware of the symptoms of anxiety, but some can cause more embarrassment and worry, trapping sufferers in a cycle of fear. Mental illness affects people in a variety of ways, and many symptoms can manifest physically. These include:- - Shortness of breath - Feeling nauseous - Increased heartrate - Palpitations - Shaking… Continue reading The Embarrassing Symptoms of Anxiety…

Postnatal Depression

Moving on after Postnatal Depression..

My first taste of motherhood wasn't what I hoped. My daughter is nearly 5 and it's taken me the best part of 4 of those years to make peace with the desperate sense of loss I felt at not enjoying the first precious years with my baby. In previous posts I've explained how postnatal depression… Continue reading Moving on after Postnatal Depression..

Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety After Recovery ..

Although I am recovered, I think I will always have some degree of anxiety left behind. It's normal for everyone to have anxiety, it's dates back to our caveman days when we sensed danger, our body pumped extra adrenaline giving us our fight or flight response. Obviously we don't really need this anymore, but when… Continue reading Anxiety After Recovery ..


Dealing With A Rough Patch – Anxiety

Having always been what I consider a 'bit of a worrier' most of my life, I think the severe anxiety I felt with my PND will always be with me to some degree. I have much more of a control on it now and have learnt valuable techniques to combat it, but no matter how… Continue reading Dealing With A Rough Patch – Anxiety