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Intrusive Thoughts – What are they & how to deal with them

*Trigger Warning - this blog has descriptions of Intrusive thoughts that may be distressing or triggering to some, please take care if you feel vulnerable* Disclaimer - this blog post features my own experiences and opinions, please seek advice from your health care professional for treatment for Intrusive thoughts. Intrusive thoughts come up in discussion… Continue reading Intrusive Thoughts – What are they & how to deal with them

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Maternal OCD – My Worst Nightmares

**Trigger Warning - contains talk of intrusive, disturbing thoughts** OCD affected me in my late teens, with therapy I got it under control but after having my baby, I was struck with PND & anxiety and they brought along Maternal OCD for the ride too. I was surprised to see I hadn't written much about… Continue reading Maternal OCD – My Worst Nightmares

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Intrusive Thoughts & OCD – Battles In My Mind

Last weeks #pndhour run by 'PND & Me' was about intrusive thoughts and it got me thinking about my own experiences, while anxiety and depression were my main battles, the intrusive thoughts fuelled these. During my late teens I was treated for mild OCD, it was always worrying about death and how I could prevent… Continue reading Intrusive Thoughts & OCD – Battles In My Mind