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Baby Loss – Sadness & Stats

***Trigger warning - Baby Loss*** Today I received an email from a well known parenting website informing me I was 34 weeks pregnant, I'd signed up for updates as soon as I found out I was expecting, and this email told me that my baby would be plumping up and could hear my voice...except I'm… Continue reading Baby Loss – Sadness & Stats

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The Tears Behind The Smiles

It really is so important not to judge others by their social media updates or compare ourselves to others, there's always a story behind the picture. I am always posting about social media and not to compare ourselves. I think with the summer term ending and the holidays coming up it's important to remind ourselves… Continue reading The Tears Behind The Smiles

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What I’ve learnt from my Mental Health relapses…

I've been well now for nearly 3 years. Recovery is individual to everyone but one thing we all know is it isn't an easy, straight road. Here I share what I've learnt from my own difficult moments and relapses. I've had two main 'relapses' when it came to my postnatal mental health. The first was… Continue reading What I’ve learnt from my Mental Health relapses…

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Losing The Unexpected

Sometimes in life we are surprised by an unexpected gift, and sometimes it can be cruelly snatched away. Occasionally though, these moments can also bring us clarity... *Trigger Warning - contains talk of miscarriage, please only read if you feel able* I've never been a great writer. I love reading but I don't have the… Continue reading Losing The Unexpected

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The Taboo of Baby Loss

It's such a difficult subject to talk about yet it affects so many people - Baby loss. * Trigger Warning this post contains my experiences of miscarriage and may be triggering for some, please read with caution and only if you feel able to * Its Baby Loss Awareness week, an event held each October… Continue reading The Taboo of Baby Loss

Postnatal Depression

Moving on after Postnatal Depression..

My first taste of motherhood wasn't what I hoped. My daughter is nearly 5 and it's taken me the best part of 4 of those years to make peace with the desperate sense of loss I felt at not enjoying the first precious years with my baby. In previous posts I've explained how postnatal depression… Continue reading Moving on after Postnatal Depression..


Suffering Heartache During PND

Suffering a perinatal mental illness is difficult enough as it is, without experiencing an event which causes heartache and stress. During the last 3 1/2 years there has been two events which have caused me great sorrow. The passing of my beloved Nan and suffering a miscarriage. My Nan was diagnosed with cancer during my… Continue reading Suffering Heartache During PND