Postnatal Depression

Moving on after Postnatal Depression..

My first taste of motherhood wasn't what I hoped. My daughter is nearly 5 and it's taken me the best part of 4 of those years to make peace with the desperate sense of loss I felt at not enjoying the first precious years with my baby. In previous posts I've explained how postnatal depression… Continue reading Moving on after Postnatal Depression..

Inspiring Mums Monday & Guest Posts

When Your Daughter Has Postnatal Depression…

Recently my husband wrote a guest blog with a couple of tips for partners supporting a new mum through postnatal depression. Following on from that I sat down and chatted with my mum about what it was like from her perspective. I didn't realise I was unwell for the first 6 months, then I hid… Continue reading When Your Daughter Has Postnatal Depression…

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Body Beautiful Mama

How many mamas out there struggle with body image? Yet another ridiculous & unrealistic goal placed on our shoulders by society. We are bombarded with images of size 0 and as mothers we have photos of celebrities snapping back into shape within weeks of birth. I know they don't ask to have their image used… Continue reading Body Beautiful Mama