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The Inner Bitch – Stop Negative Self Talk

A couple of weeks ago I posted about low self esteem and how we can challenge that. One area which I see repeatedly and which many of us are guilty of is negative self talk. That inner critic which tells us, we aren’t good enough, it’s a negative, nagging voice and will cause us to… Continue reading The Inner Bitch – Stop Negative Self Talk

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Overcoming Self Doubt & Low Self Esteem – A Few Tips

Postnatal depression, anxiety and many other mental illnesses can cause our confidence to dip, or disappear all together. Even if you haven’t experienced a mental illness, sometimes the changes (physically and mentally) that occur when we have a baby can make us feel self conscious. We can also, sometimes, feel invisible once baby arrives. Many… Continue reading Overcoming Self Doubt & Low Self Esteem – A Few Tips

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What I’ve learnt from my Mental Health relapses…

I've been well now for nearly 3 years. Recovery is individual to everyone but one thing we all know is it isn't an easy, straight road. Here I share what I've learnt from my own difficult moments and relapses. I've had two main 'relapses' when it came to my postnatal mental health. The first was… Continue reading What I’ve learnt from my Mental Health relapses…

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Believing in yourself

Believing in yourself... When I had postnatal depression and my anxiety had me in its grip I lost every bit of self love, confidence and ultimately the belief I had the ability to make good decisions. I was always looking for someone to validate what I was doing, usually my mum. I felt I needed… Continue reading Believing in yourself

Postnatal Depression

Moving on after Postnatal Depression..

My first taste of motherhood wasn't what I hoped. My daughter is nearly 5 and it's taken me the best part of 4 of those years to make peace with the desperate sense of loss I felt at not enjoying the first precious years with my baby. In previous posts I've explained how postnatal depression… Continue reading Moving on after Postnatal Depression..

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Anxiety After Recovery ..

Although I am recovered, I think I will always have some degree of anxiety left behind. It's normal for everyone to have anxiety, it's dates back to our caveman days when we sensed danger, our body pumped extra adrenaline giving us our fight or flight response. Obviously we don't really need this anymore, but when… Continue reading Anxiety After Recovery ..

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Supporting Someone Through PND – By A Dad Who’s Been There

It's Fathers Day here in the UK, I spoke in my previous blog post about Dads who are struggling with postnatal depression; but what about the Dads supporting Mums with PND? Supporting someone through mental illness is difficult and its important that you also have someone to speak to for support. Today's post has been written… Continue reading Supporting Someone Through PND – By A Dad Who’s Been There

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Dads & Depression

When we think of Postnatal Depression, we tend to picture mums at home with their baby struggling with their new life. However did you know Dads can experience postnatal depression too? Postnatal Depression is typically described as depression experienced by parents during the first year after the birth of a child. However, recent research from… Continue reading Dads & Depression

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression – Signs & Symptoms

I share a lot of my own journey on this blog but I also wanted to give some helpful information when it comes to postnatal depression. So I thought the best place to start was with the signs and symptoms to look out for. 1 in 7 mums will experience some form of maternal mental… Continue reading Postnatal Depression – Signs & Symptoms

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When Breast Isn’t Best For Mother

Ok this is a difficult post to write without causing the usual debate which 99% of the time turns into breast vs bottle war. I don't want or intend this to become a one side is better than the other argument. Also before I continue - I've done both breast and bottle, this blog post… Continue reading When Breast Isn’t Best For Mother