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The Tears Behind The Smiles

It really is so important not to judge others by their social media updates or compare ourselves to others, there's always a story behind the picture. I am always posting about social media and not to compare ourselves. I think with the summer term ending and the holidays coming up it's important to remind ourselves… Continue reading The Tears Behind The Smiles

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Guest Blog – Opening Up About Depression

In aid of Mental Health Awareness Week, I have a blog post written by a special friend. Here she shares how speaking to her friends helped her with her depression and made her feel more supported. Thank you so much for sharing xxx It's hard to sum up a lifetime of depression in one blog,… Continue reading Guest Blog – Opening Up About Depression

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Losing The Unexpected

Sometimes in life we are surprised by an unexpected gift, and sometimes it can be cruelly snatched away. Occasionally though, these moments can also bring us clarity... *Trigger Warning - contains talk of miscarriage, please only read if you feel able* I've never been a great writer. I love reading but I don't have the… Continue reading Losing The Unexpected

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Recovery – its individual

Recovery means different things to different people. For some it means no longer needing medication, for others, including myself it means being able to do the things your illness prevented you doing before and some people don't believe in the word recovery. These are all valid points, but something I believe is recovery is different… Continue reading Recovery – its individual

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Believing in yourself

Believing in yourself... When I had postnatal depression and my anxiety had me in its grip I lost every bit of self love, confidence and ultimately the belief I had the ability to make good decisions. I was always looking for someone to validate what I was doing, usually my mum. I felt I needed… Continue reading Believing in yourself

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Why Celebrity Mental Health Stories Matter

This week we have seen another celebrity open up about their battle with mental illness. Adele revealed to Vanity Fair her experience of postnatal depression and how taking time for herself helped. I always feel a sense of pride and I'm grateful when someone tells their story. I'm proud because I know how hard it… Continue reading Why Celebrity Mental Health Stories Matter

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The Taboo of Baby Loss

It's such a difficult subject to talk about yet it affects so many people - Baby loss. * Trigger Warning this post contains my experiences of miscarriage and may be triggering for some, please read with caution and only if you feel able to * Its Baby Loss Awareness week, an event held each October… Continue reading The Taboo of Baby Loss

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Inspiring Mums Monday

I have a new feature that I launched on my Facebook page this week. 'Inspiring Mums Monday' The aim is for mums to share their stories, quotes or messages to help other mums during their recovery. I want to show others that they aren't alone while going through a perinatal mental illness, that their voices… Continue reading Inspiring Mums Monday

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Where It All Began…

The day I had my first child was life changing. An obvious statement I know, it's life changing for everyone, but for me it was not only the start of my life as a mum but the day the dark clouds of PND began to roll in. I used to say to my husband "our… Continue reading Where It All Began…