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What I’ve learnt from my Mental Health relapses…

I've been well now for nearly 3 years. Recovery is individual to everyone but one thing we all know is it isn't an easy, straight road. Here I share what I've learnt from my own difficult moments and relapses. I've had two main 'relapses' when it came to my postnatal mental health. The first was… Continue reading What I’ve learnt from my Mental Health relapses…

Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety After Recovery ..

Although I am recovered, I think I will always have some degree of anxiety left behind. It's normal for everyone to have anxiety, it's dates back to our caveman days when we sensed danger, our body pumped extra adrenaline giving us our fight or flight response. Obviously we don't really need this anymore, but when… Continue reading Anxiety After Recovery ..

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Asking For Help

I write a lot about reaching out for help, but doing that can be really difficult. Saying those words 'I am struggling' or 'I need help' can be really hard to say. I've been to appointments intending to tell the doctor how I feel and never quite found the words to do it. So how… Continue reading Asking For Help

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Recovery – It Is Possible

Getting to where I am today has not been easy. I set out with intentions for this to be a positive blog, I wanted to offer that hope for recovery which I was searching for when I was suffering the most. I have to visit those dark days to highlight how far I have come.… Continue reading Recovery – It Is Possible