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Anxiety After Recovery ..

Although I am recovered, I think I will always have some degree of anxiety left behind. It's normal for everyone to have anxiety, it's dates back to our caveman days when we sensed danger, our body pumped extra adrenaline giving us our fight or flight response. Obviously we don't really need this anymore, but when… Continue reading Anxiety After Recovery ..

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When Breast Isn’t Best For Mother

Ok this is a difficult post to write without causing the usual debate which 99% of the time turns into breast vs bottle war. I don't want or intend this to become a one side is better than the other argument. Also before I continue - I've done both breast and bottle, this blog post… Continue reading When Breast Isn’t Best For Mother

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Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Obsessive thoughts – oh my!

I suffered severe anxiety alongside my PND - the two fed off of each other and I was trapped in an endless loop of negative feelings. When I first started having panic attacks I had no idea what was happening to me. My heart was racing, it felt as though it were going to explode… Continue reading Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Obsessive thoughts – oh my!